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About Tractor Protection Products (TPP)

Tractor Protection Products was born to fulfill agricultural market needs which were not being served or the solutions offered needed to be vastly improved.  By talking to and listening to farmers of all sizes, we believe our products will have value to gentlemen farmers, traditional farmers, corporate farmers, tractor dealers and OEMs.
Our Company

Tractor Protection Products (TPP) will be the third company created by the TPP management team.  Having backgrounds in multiple areas such as agricultural planning, tractor operation and repair, web design, 3D printing, and manufacturing, we are confident the products we offer will assist in the daily operations of all farmers.

Made in the USA by Americans

TPP is very proud to have all products designed, developed and manufactured in the United States.   When you invest in one of our products, you can be guaranteed a portion went to an American worker to support her or him and their family.

Design Criteria

TPP understands the importance of creating products which are both useful and compatible across different brands.  All of the TPP offerings can be used with different brands and sizes of tractors and the implements used. By using this 'cross compatibility' design, costs can be better controlled thus increasing the value to dollar paid.

Awards and Recognition
2024 Top-10 New Product Seal_edited_edit

We were not only pleased to be a vendor at this year's show but are truly honored to be one of the 2024 Top-10 New Product Winners!  Click on the link below to read about our award for the Standard PTO Kit:

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