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PTO Grease Plug for 6 and 21 Spline
Shafts with a 1.375" (1 3/8") Diameter

The PTO Grease Plug is used to protect the implement-mounted PTO shaft yoke which is the connection point between the tractor PTO shaft and the implement.  The PTO Grease Plug (PTOGP) is a male insert for the open end of the implement PTO shaft when not in use.  The PTOGP keeps a fresh coating of grease on the internal splines of the PTO yoke during non-use.  The PTOGP uses the same locking method used by the implement PTO shaft to hold it in place.  The PTOGP is hollow and holds a supply of clean grease.  The PTOGP has a cap which contains a spreader tool to apply grease where needed.  The cap also features the 'REMOVE BEFORE FARMING' banner attachment point.

Unique features of the PTO Grease Plug are:

1. Hollow design gives location for a clean supply of grease

2. Built-in spreader on the cap provides an easy way to apply grease

3. Uses same yoke locking mechanism to hold in place so no modifications are needed

4. Built in cap loop provides anchor point for 'REMOVE BEFORE FARMING' banner

5. 100% Compatible with Tractor PTO Cover

To view a video of the PTO Grease Plug, click on the below link:

Why Do You Need This?

1. Protects implement-mounted PTO shaft when not in use

2. Keeps a fresh coat of grease on the PTO shaft yoke

3. Eliminates the build up of dirt, debris and rust during non-use

4. Lessens the break down of grease due to weather

5. Allows for easier hook ups to implements requiring tractor PTO power

How Do You Get One?

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