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Standard PTO Kit

The Standard PTO Kit consists of two (2) standalone products: the PTO Grease Plug and the Tractor PTO Cover.  Each of the two (2) above products were designed to work together and create a seamless solution named The Standard PTO Kit.  When you are ready to use your implement, the PTO Grease Plug is inserted into the Tractor PTO Cover.  Once locked together, the PTO Grease Plug supply of clean grease is protected from dirt and other foreign materials.  The Tractor PTO Cover is also protected once locked together and both 'nested' products can be placed in the tractor cab or truck floor without the concern of getting grease in places you prefer it not be.  To view a video of the Standard PTO Kit, please visit the following link:

The Standard PTO Kit is the product which was one of the 2024 World Ag Expo Top-10 New Product Winners.  Click on this link to read about our award:

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