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Tractor PTO Cover

The Tractor PTO Cover is used to protect the tractor PTO shaft when not in use.  The Tractor PTO Cover (TPTOC) keeps a fresh coating of grease on the tractor PTO during non-use.  The TPTOC eliminates the build up of dust, dirt, other debris and rust which can make it difficult when trying to hook up an implement requiring power from the tractor PTO shaft (rotary mowers, tillers, post hole diggers, etc.).  The TPTOC fits the standard size 1.375” (1 3/8”) tractor PTO shaft, both 6 (six) spline and 21 (twenty-one) spline.  One end is closed having external tabs which holds a cap featuring the 'REMOVE BEFORE FARMING' banner attachment point.  The other end is open and also has external tabs.  When the TPTOC is removed from the tractor PTO shaft, the cap can be placed on the open end keeping dirt and debris out for a clean re-install when needed.


Unique features of the Tractor PTO Cover are:

1. A 'closed cap' design keeps dirt and debris out when not in use and allows for a clean re-install

2. A friction ring fit on to the tractor PTO shaft allows compatibility for both 6 and 21 spline shafts

3. The 'closed end' design offers a supply of clean grease to always be available

4. Built in cap loop provides anchor point for 'REMOVE BEFORE FARMING' banner

5. When used with the PTO Grease Plug (Standard PTO Kit) both components 'nest' together when not in use

To view a video of the Tractor PTO Cover, click on the below link:

Why Do You Need This?

1. Eliminates the build up of dirt, debris and rust during non-use
2. Protects tractor PTO shaft when not in use
3. Keeps a fresh coat of grease on the tractor PTO shaft
4. Allows for easier hook up to implements requiring tractor PTO power
5. Reduces the chance of getting foreign items ‘wound around’ the tractor PTO shaft

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