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The Tractor PTO Cover is used to protect the tractor PTO shaft.  The Tractor PTO Cover (TPTOC) is designed to keep a clean coating of grease on the tractor PTO shaft during non-use.  The TPTOC shields the tractor PTO shaft from  dirt, dust and the elements when the shaft is not in use, as when pulling a plow or other implement which does not require power from the tractor PTO.  The TPTOC has friction rings (torus rings) inside to 'lock' the TPTOC onto the tractor PTO shaft.  The TPTOC fits both six spline and twenty-one spline shafts with a 1.375" (1 3/8") diameter.  99% of PTO shafts have a diameter of 1.375".   So unless you have a very unique or possibly antique tractor the TPTOC will be compatible with your tractor.  The TPTOC includes a 'REMOVE BEFORE FARMING" banner in order to confirm your tractor PTO shaft is properly covered and protected (it can be removed without modification to the TPTOC)

Tractor PTO Cover

  • We recommend when you use the Tractor PTO Cover for the first time, take the opportunity to clean the tractor PTO shaft.  Using brake parts cleaner, a toothbrush, brass brush or even a scraper for the really nasty dirt will provide a clean surface to start from.   By using the Tractor PTO Cover your PTO shaft should stay clean and rust free making it that much easier to connect and disconnect implements.

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